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Telescope OPTICON Discovery

  • Optical system: Reflector
  • Magnification: 450 x
  • Diameter [mm]: 114 mm
  • Focal length [mm]: 900 mm
  • Focal ratio: f/7,89
  • Resolving power: 1,21”
  • Limiting magnitude: 12,6 mag
  • Focuser: 1,25″
  • Mount: Azimuthal




A large, multi-purpose telescope of a great potential for observations. Designers of the instrument assured the most important – easy handling and impressive magnification. Primary mirror with a diameter of 114 mm and focal length equalling 900 mm ensure, along with high quality of lensesbright and clear images of stars, planets and the Moon. Optics of the telescope enable observing of the Venus phases, Saturn’s planetary rings and registering of Jupiter’s moons transits.

Discovery telescope was equipped with no fewer than three replaceable eyepieces and a Barlow lens, which doubles the available magnification scope. Optical tube was mounted onto a full-size tripod with an AZ head, which was designed for enthusiastic beginners in particular. Thanks to that, it became extremely easy to aim objects in the Sky. An additional finderscope makes precise aiming much easier. The telescope may be used for natural and landscape observations (observing birds, planes, remote buildings etc.) when the straightening lens is used (included in the package).

Discovery Telescope proves incredibly accurate, either at night, or during the day, providing the whole family with endless hours of inspiring observations. With the telescope, you get everything you need to enter the fascinating world of astronomy: sky maps, computer software, practical manuals or a documentary. All materials are available on the website. You gain access after scanning the QR code located on the leaflet included in the set.

A fully professional focuser, Rack&Pinion adjusted to the use of standard accessories 1,25”, was included in the equipment set, which enables an easy extension of the set with additional elements.

All Opticon telescopes are tested by professionals and covered with a 2-year long warranty of the producer.