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OPTICON Aurora Telescope

  • Optical system: Refractor (lenticular telescope)
  • Zoom: 132x
  • Diameter [mm]: 70 mm
  • Focal length [mm]: 400 mm
  • Focal ratio: f/5.71
  • Resolution: 1.66″
  • Star magnitude limit: 10 mag
  • Focuser: 1.25″
  • Mount: Azimuth




The heart of Opticon AURORA telescope is a very large lens that provides bright, contrastive, crystal clear images of faraway objects. The implementation of such a big lens has allowed to achieve a unique wide field of vision – the telescope presents a larger portion of the sky, in other words a broader panoramic view of a landscape. A special, dedicated for this model Barlow lens with 3x magnification allows to triple the zoom range.

Aurora telescope is an excellent piece of equipment for beginners and young explorers that would like to discover the beauty of the Moon and the solar system on their own. An excellent idea for a gift for a small scientist in the form of a high-quality educational toy that will work out very well when used for fun.

No matter if you are passionate about the stars, the Moon, family bird watching or seek a handy tourist scope – Opticon Aurora is the right choice.

A special exchangeable contrast filter for Moon observation improves the image quality during full moon, which makes it possible to notice fascinating details – mountains, seas or craters.

Due to its compact build and ease of operation, AURORA comes especially recommended for beginners as their first telescope. It will also be of liking for anyone who during observation values comfort above all. An additional advantage of this scope is the comfortable transport bag that the folded telescope can be packed in.

With the telescope, you get everything you need to enter the fascinating world of astronomy: sky maps, computer software, practical manuals or a documentary. All materials are available on the website. You gain access after scanning the QR code located on the leaflet included in the set.

When opting for Opticon AURORA telescope, you gain a durable and tested piece of equipment that has a full, 2-year warranty from the manufacturer and is recommended by satisfied customers around the world.