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Spotting scope PROOPTIC Hunter II

  • Optical system : Refraktor
  • Diameter : 70mm
  • Focal lenght : 360mm
  • Focuser : 1,25″
  • Mounting type : Azimuth
  • Tripod : aluminium
  • Aperture range : f/5




This fine spotting scope was designed especially for hunters and wildlife observers. It proves perfect for plane observations, as a regular astronomic telescope or during holiday getaways. Hunter is a great choice for birdwatchers as well as all those, who value quality optics and search for a proper magnification in order to observe remote objects. High quality lenses guarantee crystal clear images and well-thought-out construction solutions ensure convenient observations. Additionally, you can take fantastic pictures with the scope. A special photo adapter is available at our internet auctions and our on-line shop –

A large Prooptic scope’s objective is a massive light collecting power, invaluable during night observations. When it comes to brightening stars or observing wild game at dawn good optics provides you with bright and clear images. Thanks to the precious optical glass, images are exceptionally clear, in high resolution. Enjoy colourful autumnal landscape as well as clear and sharp images of craters on the Moon surface.

The scope is equipped with two interchangeable eyepieces of magnification 18x and 60x. Since, this is fully professional instrument compatible with standard 1,25” accessories, purchasing additional advanced eyepieces, which raise magnification and widen the field of view, is no issue. (telescope eyepieces are suitable).

Unlike telescopes adjusted to night observations only, Prooptic spotting scopes do not trouble us with a mirror reflection or an upside-down image. This was made possible thanks to a special prism system with a regulated tilt angle. Also, as a result the observations can be made in various positions (e.g. from hiding).

The set also contains a full-size aluminium tripod with a regulated height, equipped with a 1/4 thread head, thanks to which you can adjust a camera to the scope. You will also receive a tailored practical bag, which makes the scope’s transportation and storage very easy. Take it anywhere you wish!

All Prooptic optical instruments are tested by specialists and covered with a full 2 year warranty of the producer.