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  • Magnification range: 102x-1024x
  • Eyepieces: WF16x
  • Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x
  • Illumination with artificial light
  • Ready to watch prepared slides
  • Blank specimen slides
  • Laboratory toolkit



Advanced and modern microscope for demanding users, meant for both amateur and professional applications.

Magnification of the microscope ranges between 64x – 1024x. Standard equipment contains: Barlow lens 1,6x (placed in front of eyepiece), revolving nosepiece with three objectives 4x, 10x, 40x. The instrument is also equipped with an eyepiece turret (360°).

Fine and coarse adjustment knobs make focusing extremely convenient and precise.The microscope has a special lamp for illuminating specimens. The intensity of light is regulated (the set contains an AC/DC adapter) and the upper direction lamp enables to observe opaque specimens.

The stage has a movable specimen holder with scale and a switchable diaphragm which guarantees contrastive images. Thanks to the scale we are able to start the observation at the exact point where we finished before.

The body and key mechanical elements are 100% metal.

The set contains prepared slides, which can be used the moment you unpack them. You will also find tools for making your own specimens.

With Opticon Biolife you can also proceed with standard visual observations. The microscope will prove perfect on a student’s desk as a core of a young scientist’s home laboratory, as well as a professional botanist or a vet’s office. Biolife PRO is a perfect choice regardless of whether you are planning to conduct school experiments, or make professional examinations of the samples.

Top class optics, based on lenses immaculately made from precious glass, guarantees bright, clear and contrastive images of the microworld. The instrument is compatible with standard eyepieces and objectives, which allows for its uncomplicated upgrade. Opticon Biolife is an instrument for years, designed with a view to hours of work, education and entertainment.

Opticon optical instruments are made of tested, safe material. They are covered with a full two year warranty of the producer.

With the telescope, you get everything you need to enter the fascinating world of astronomy: photo gallery, computer software, practical manuals or a documentary. All materials are available on the website. You gain access after scanning the QR code located on the leaflet included in the set.