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Microscope OPTICON SkillMaster PRO

  • Magnification Range: 40x-1000x
  • Eyepieces: 10WF
  • Objectives: 10x, 40x, 100x
  • Electric Light
  • Ready to view slides
  • Clear preparation glass pieces
  • Lab tool kit



A biological instrument with a binocular head meant for demanding users. The microscope is designed for both amateur and professional use. The microscope perfectly suits a pupil’s desk, as a core of the young scientist’s home laboratory, as well as a workshop of a professional gardener or a vetSkillMaster PRO is a good choice irrespective of whether you wish to carry out school experiments, or specialistic specimen assessments.

Top class optics, based on carefully manufactured lenses of precious glass, guarantees bright, clear and contrastive images of a microworld. The instrument is compatible with standard eyepieces and microscope objectives, which allows for its uncomplicated upgrade. The body and key mechanical elements are 100 per cent metal. Opticon SkillMaster PRO is a solid instrument for years, designed to endure thousands of hours of work, studying and fun.

The microscope gives you magnification in range of 40x-1000x. Standard equipment contains: 2 exchangeable wide angle eyepieces of 10x, offering wide visual field, revolving eyepiece with three objectives of 10x, 40x and 100x.

It is worth mentioning that the microscope has an incredibly precise mechanism of setting focus, with separate fine and coarse focus knobs.

The microscope has a built-in professional lamp which illuminates specimen. The lamp has a fluent illumination intensity regulation (a power supply adapter is included in the set). Both switchable diaphragm and a specimen holder are fitted onto the stage. Each instrument comes with a dedicated cover and a cedar immersion oil.

Now, the microscope comes with a complementary Opticon professional laboratory tool set. In a beautiful box you will find 5 ready-to-use prepared slides and a set of blank slides and specialistic tools to make your own specimens.

Opticon optical instruments are made of tested and safe materials. They are covered with a full 2 year warranty of the producer.

A large number of SkillMaster PRO is ordered by universities, veterinary stations and medical institutions.

With the telescope, you get everything you need to enter the fascinating world of astronomy: photo gallery, computer software, practical manuals or a documentary. All materials are available on the website. You gain access after scanning the QR code located on the leaflet included in the set.