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Microscope OPTICON Lab Pro

  • Magnification range: 300x, 600x i 1200x
  • Eyepiece : 20x
  • Objective lenses : 15x, 30x, 60x
  • Natural light
  • Artificial light
  • Prepared slides
  • Blank slides
  • Laboratory toolkit
  • 98 pieces!




A young scientist’s kit – a fully equipped home laboratory, packed in a practical case. This kit contains anything you require to carry out independent observations and experiments: a microscope, slides, tools perfect for precision tasks and reagent vials.

The set contains prepared slides, which are ready-to-use the moment you unpack them.

Lab Pro makes combining fun with studying possible. It depicts leaves, insects, plant and animal cells, salt crystals, fabrics and many many more in a large magnification. Examine plenty fascinating objects: a wing of a fly, a tentacle of an ant, tiny single-celled creatures, post stamps, microprints on banknotes, fabric fibres and a structure of moss!

This 98 element set’s core is an educational microscope with a wide range of magnification: 300x, 600x, 1200x. High quality lenses provide bright, clear and contrastive images of the examined specimen.

Compared to a popular set – Lab Starter, this set additionally contains an adapter used for mounting cameras and a projector to take photographs of the inspected slides and to display pictures of the experiment on a screen.

Opticon Lab Pro is highly recommended to young students – this instrument helps develop interest in science being an invaluable assistance at school, which helps understand the world of biology and chemistry.

Lab Pro microscope was designed to provide you with convenient and easy use. On top of that the microscope is equipped with a double system of illuminating the specimen – with natural light (inverted mirror) and with artificial light (a special lamp).

The Lab Pro microscope’s a piece of great equipment for beginners and young explorers who want to immerse themselves in the world of microbiology. It’s a perfect idea for a gift for a young scientist. It’s a high-quality educational toy that can be used for fun and also during the biology class at school.

The microscope is a neat and elegant tool, which makes it a perfect decoration in any room or study.

Opticon educational sets are made of tested and safe materials. The equipment is covered with a full 2-year long warranty.

With the telescope, you get everything you need to enter the fascinating world of astronomy: photo gallery, computer software, practical manuals or a documentary. All materials are available on the website. You gain access after scanning the QR code located on the leaflet included in the set.